Convert your paper and pencil to a trusted system

Orange Ocean Guest Check In
A smart way for you to manage your properties, all in one place.

  • Smart tennant screening

    Background check your potential tennants to reduce the risk of property damage.

  • Top notch Communication

    Keep everyone in the loop, with a history for all to see.

  • Privacy built-in

    Security is our top concern

  • The manager of the future

    A beautiful, tool that makes it easy to manage the boring things.

Your property, your money, your control

See everything, stop worrying

Putting you in the drivers seat

  • Birds eye view

    We’ll give you an overview of all your contractors, service providers and your cash.

  • Task Alerts

    If there is nothing in this list, then all is well.

  • Feedback

    Always know where you are with everyone at the touch of the screeen.

What we offer

Trust the system

  • Service Providers

    Who is picking my guest up from the airport. Will they forget? Are there any problems?

  • Maintenance

    Is everything working in the rental property. Electrics, plumbing, painting and decorting.

  • Inventories

    The worst job in the world. Made easier!

Track the small stuff

Make it easy

  • Features

    Easy to use interface and great service

  • Connecting

    API integrations to people like Airbnb, Tennant and Background checker

  • Communication

    Keep in touch and keep a record of all your conversations so that if becomes a type of informal contract between you and your guests, service providers etc.

Feedback is always great. Please let us know how you are getting on.

Even if its not always perfect, let us know so that we can improve and give you what you need.

  • “Orange Ocean is great to keep everything under control and not let the worry get to you. Sleep as well as your guests.”
  • “Its all very well having Airbnb get you the client, but how do I track my expenses and communicate with my suppliers and providers. Orange Ocean yeah!”
  • “I use Orange Ocean to run my 23 guest cottages and it works like a charm. Best part is the service.”
  • A letting agency free zone

    We care about your business so we say no to letting agencies. No middlemen, no sneaky spam messages.

  • Privacy promise

    We’re a privacy focused property management solution focussed on putting people first.

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