Tour Operator online booking management software which will allow you, the tour guide to focus on your clients and your job. No more surprises with double bookings when you arrive to find ten people on your tour and you can only take eight!

Task communications app showing detailed progress of task process between TaskStarter and TaskDoer which may result in a painless Task Completion.

Soon to be live on bookitman.com

TaskStarter creates a specific type request to specific TaskDoer.

Task progresses through its various statuses with full visibility and communication between both sides. Stages are

  • creation
  • quotation
  • negotiation
  • acceptance/denial
  • appointment
  • completion
  • payment
  • rating


  • Reconciliation
  • Who hasnt paid yet
  • Response Times
  • Rating Satisfaction

App / site that receives task request with originator, date, description, status(incl. read, seen etc.), allocated to and can be allocated and sub allocated to worker/s, maintains a central history, provides reports, notifies parties and can be updated and viewed by task originator, task receiver and worker..

Can be used for appointments, payments, tasks, services, bookings

Possible users

  • Web Designers
  • Tour Operators
  • Individuals
  • Reminders
  • Beauty Salons
  • Large Corporations
  • Gym Trainers
  • Mechanics, MOT
  • Builders